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  • ASM® ALD Systems
  • ​ASM® EPI Systems

Enadium Technologies Provides New Lease and Lease Back Services for the majority of equipment

Our Team Has Expert Level Experience Supporting ASM® International's EPI & ALD Products  

We Provide World Class Development for both Software and Hardware in the Semiconductor & Energy Industries

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Enadium Technologies is Providing technology solutions required today for IDM's & Foundries   

Contact us today to receive a low cost solution for extensibility & spares to reduce your CoO

Refurbishment & Maintenance

  • Semiconductor Equipment
  • ASM® ALD Systems
  • ​ASM® EPI Systems

Leasing and Financial Services

  • ASM® ALD Systems
  • ​ASM® EPI Systems
  • ​Semiconductor Equipment
  • ​Industrial Equipment
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