Enadium Technologies is the only 3rd party refurbishment  vendor that can support ALD reuse for IDM's & Foundries   

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Enadium Technologies is enabling IDM's extensibility of ALD systems by providing reuse solutions

Our Team Has >15 Years Experience of Supporting the leading High-K ALD Products 200/300mm

​​​​​​​Software & Hardware • AUTOMATION • Spares • Service • Leasing

Our expertise in Atomic Layer Deposition technology enables us to offer world class services and solutions to our customers using High-K equipment. From configuration to troubleshooting, we have you covered.



  • Software development, equipment optimization and custom upgrades
  • ​Hardware development for upgrades and custom solutions

Refurbishment & Maintenance

  • ​ALD Systems:
    • ASM® Polygon® 8200/8300
    • ASM® Pulsar® and EmerALD®

Spares & Upgrades

  • Sub-components for Spares
  • ​Hardware development for upgrades and improvements

Leasing & Purchase Service

  • ​ALD Systems:
    • ASM® Polygon® 8200/8300
    • ASM® Pulsar® and EmerALD®