Maintenance and Refurbishment​​

  • On-site Service and Support available
  • Full Refurbishment Capabilities
  • Upgrades
  • Troubleshooting
  • Install and Qualification

Our Team Has >25 Years of Experience with Epitaxial Products

EPIC Provides Our Customers with Advanced Capabilities and interfaces seamlessly with Modern Fabs

Enadium Technologies Provides Low Cost Solutions to Reduce our Customer's CoO with High Quality Parts

Upgrading ASM® Epsilon® Products

EPIC  Tool History plotting


​​​​​​​Software & Hardware • AUTOMATION • Spares • Service • Leasing


EPIC Backup and Restore tool

EPIC  has a familiar look and feel to minimize retraining of users, but with more advanced capabilities

EPIC  Tool History event listing

EPIC Control System ​​

Spare Parts ​​

  • Boards
  • Valves and gas panel rebuilds
  • Sub-components​ at lower prices than OEM

​EPIC IS A Modern, robust, high-performance control system

EPIC has been in production at various global sites around the world since 2015

EPIC is an OEM qualified drop-in replacement for the obsolete Gespac controller

Minimal retrofit downtime (1-2 days Green-to-Green)

State-of-the-art hardware sourced

from industry leader vendors

Excellent warranty, reliability and continuity

​Reasonably priced and readily available spares

STATE-OF-THE-ART software designed


​Modern touch-based UI with similar look and feel to legacy

Minimal user training requirements

Windows 10 with excellent connectivity, flexibility and user experience​

Recipe file management and transfer with modern media (no floppies!)

Enhanced user management and access control

Full SECS/GEM factory automation interface

Up to date with current SEMI standards

Full support for all legacy features and more

Seamless transition with integration support

Interface customization per customer request

Full Equipment history for PARAMETERS and events

​All tool settings, parameters, I/O measurement and events stored automatically

​Modern, high-performance database, 250+ GB solid state disk

Live or historical data charting, plotting and lookup

Integrated temperature control option

Built-in, software integrated, advanced PID temperature and SCR control 

Designed to eliminate and replace the Foxboro controllers completely

Highly configurable, versatile SCR/ratio management

Recipe-based SCR ratio control and recipe encoded process ratio sets

Tool-to-tool matching with linear SCR upgrade

Automated lamp check calibration, continuous lamp monitoring and checking

Remote monitoring and control option

Monitor and/or control your tool from outside of the cleanroom

Transfer tool data and/or recipes from the convenience of your desk


Easy tool backup and restore with on-screen wizard

Easy 10 minute software updates with on-screen wizard

All fab IT update and security policies supported

Continuous improvement and support

Quarterly software updates with new features and improvements

Quick response from expert engineers

Custom development for new features per client request

Enhanced capabilities, not offered with the legacy GESPAC controller


Convenient ​EPIC Simulator tablets available

Realistic tool simulation for operator training

​Off-line recipe editing

SECS/GEM interface integration and testing